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Taou Blanc

by admin on juin 17th, 2006
143 - At the summit of Taou Blanc - Alps of the north - Val d'Aosta - Italy - 2004
Photographer : Fulvio Senore -

Latitude: ' '' - Longitude: ' ''
3438 m. Taou Blanc is a very known and attended top: by joining the Nivolet Pass in the car, it is possible to approach the top, while passing by a zone of charming lakes and a lot of people hike to Taou Blanc, because Nivolet pass differs only 800 meters from summit.. The last part of the footpath however presents an exposed passage. Top one has an excellent panorama on the Great Paradise, of the opposite part is quite visible the Mount Blanc. The top of a peak is wide in East-West direction: the photographies was made at the two ends to capture a large panorama, but with an unreal aspect, these zones were highlighted, in red, to avoid confusion.

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